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Virtual Worlds

Virtual World Marketing and Sim Design

There has been a lot in the news regarding the emergence of “virtual worlds” by highly respected publishers such as the Wall Street Journal and Business Week referring to these virtual worlds as the next revolutionary phase of the internet. 

Virtual worlds satisfy two key aspects of being human: our innately social and visual natures.  Participants can move through and interact with environments that are more life-like.  Visitors can “experience” your product by wandering your sim and getting a “feel” for your product or service.  Making and engaging an emotion.  Involving the emotional ties of a product and the user is what marketers strive for.  This is why there has been so much media attention and human interest in these virtual worlds.  All types of businesses such as IBM, Dell, Reebok and even wineries are using these worlds to engage the emotions of the consumer, establish brand identity and stimulate interest.

Virtual worlds such as Second Life® are helping to reinvent many business processes, services and industries. Second Life® is first and foremost a social community. As a result, companies have found success in building community acceptance and participation by devising unique approaches such as hosting events or offering in-world experiences or products to generate the interest of Second Life® Residents.

Malaga Media can assist in providing you with an “in world” presence.  There is no doubt that in addition to traditional web sites, virtual worlds have woven themselves into the fabric of businesses today.

Real World Marketing of Second Life® Products and Services

Ever try to search for or learn more about a product or service through while "in-world" on Second Life®?  Frustrating isn’t it? Notecards can only say so much.  More residents are searching the web – outside of Second Life® - to find what they are looking for. 

We all know that in-world “advertar” marketing is the best way to reach in world residents.  However it would be impossible to reach everyone without a 24/7 presence in-world. This is why a companion website for your Second Life® business is so important.   Do you have a number of sims that have lots for sale or rentals? Maybe useful products that enhance the Second life® experience?  What better way to inform residents about your goods, services or properties than have a web site that offers great photos and thorough descriptions.