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About Malaga Media

Malaga Media is a full-service web design, multimedia and marketing firm dedicated to serving the interests of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the South Bay, and beyond. Our clients include local businesses, doctors and lawyers, musicians and photographers, as well as corporations like Boeing and Western Digital.

Cutting Edge Web and Multimedia Design.
These days you must use the latest business tools if you want to stay ahead of the competition. This means an attractive user friendly web site, multimedia marketing and product brochures, and the use of computer based training (CBT) for your employees. These tools of the trade can send your business to new levels of success only dreamed of by those who cling to older methods of marketing.

Why should you choose Malaga Media?
We are unique, not only in the wide scope of services we offer, but also in the way we work with our clients. We use technology to save time and schedule instant web meetings to review and discuss your project. Online meetings are the closest thing to being there in person. We can meet anytime, anywhere and share applications, review docs, browse the Web. Of course, we also have traditional meetings and we can come meet with you in your office. We can even do freelance work "in house" if needed. Though we have many local clients, our customers can be found in parts all around the country. We have managed and produced entire online projects.

What if you have such a busy schedule that you don’t even have time to schedule an online or “face-to-face meeting? We can help! At Malaga Media we do not confine ourselves to "business hours". If you are too busy during the day, we will work with you at night. If you are not free during the week, we will arrange to work with you on the weekends. Our client's needs come first.